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What this course covers

This course is a set of instructional videos, totaling 27 hours and 20 minutes. It goes into key aspects of using the ESP-IDF (IOT [Internet Of Things] Development Frame-work).

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What is the IDF

The IDF is a powerful and efficient framework used to program the ESP32 family of microcontrollers using C or C++. The ESP-IDF currently powers millions of devices in the field and enables building a variety of network-connected products, ranging from simple light bulbs and toys to big appliances and industrial devices.

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What you will learn

This Course is split into 2 sections. The first section is completely free 🎉.

In this section you will learn how to:

  • Install and set up the ESP-IDF on your machine.
  • The main ESP32 chip types, their differences and how to select the one you need.
  • Use logging,
  • Basic GPIO’s with blinkey
  • Keyboard input
  • Using ESP-IDF examples

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The second section of the course you will learn how to:

  • Use C concepts with a primer on pointers, structures, and callbacks.
  • Create your own libraries and use other libraries.
  • Use FreeRTOS to create, manage and synchronise multiple tasks.
  • Debug with break points.
  • Use and create configuration.
  • Manage and analyse memory.
  • Persist data in Flash or SD card.
  • Use GPIO’s; including inputs, outputs, Interrupts, Touch ADC etc.
  • Use communications protocols with UART, I2C and SPI
  • Use sleep and deep sleep to preserve power.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi or set up your own Wi-Fi access point.
  • Interact with Web API’s on the internet.
  • Create and host your own webserver to serve web pages written in modern web frameworks such as React.
  • Use MQTT to push and pull messages over the internet.
  • Use ESP-NOW for chip-to-chip communications.
  • Update your firmware with OTA (Over The Air) updates.
  • Use Bluetooth Low Energy
Who this course is for:

This course caters for beginners and expert embedded engineers and hobbyists who have a rudimentary understanding of C. This course was designed for people who want to:

  • leverage the full capabilities of ESP32 and get the most out of what the chip has to offer.
  • build professional, robust, responsive applications.
  • build a medium or large application.
  • Go deeper into understanding the ESP32 and its core architecture.
  • Care about the quality, efficiency and speed of your application and code
  • Use this course as a stepping stone to more advanced topics such as mesh networking, Audio development, security etc.
  • Use content learned in conjunction with the Arduino framework to leverage certain libraries.
This course is not for you if you:
  • Just want to copy and paste code without understanding it.
  • Cobble libraries together without programming.
  • Just want to use Arduino Framework without understanding the underpinnings.

This course helped me port my hardware product from the Particle P1 module to the ESP32 within a matter of weeks. It covered every topic I needed to feel comfortable making such a massive product change. I can say with absolute certainly I received far more value from this course than I paid for.

Kevin Sidwar

I was looking for a good way to refresh some skills during furlough due to COVID-19. I really appreciated the “Learn ESP32” online course. It was an excellent review of FreeRTOS and the basic and essential capabilities of the ESP32 offering from Espressif. I appreciated the delivery style and now use the materials as a resource when needed in my current developments. Excellent value.

Michael Loh, Principal Consultant, DBML Group Inc.

Learnesp32.com is by far the best online course available to learn about ESP32-IDF. The course is well structured and easy follow. Mair (lecturer) is highly knowledgeable in his field of study. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in ESP32 programming.

P. Mistry

LearnESP32 is by far the best resource I’ve found for learning how to program the esp32 using the ESP IDF! It covers everything from start to finish, including how to set up the IDF in visual studio and giving additional background lessons on trickier topics, which I really struggled to understand before this course. As an electronics student, I found that the tutorials on using FreeRTOS were particularly helpful and the skills I’ve learnt can easily be transferred, when working with other devices in the future. I would strongly recommend anyone buy a subscription to LearnESP32 if they want to make the most of the ESP32!

Emily Wayland

Best of the best course. What I am learning here, is way more then what I have learned in past 2 months from different resources. I have no words to say thanks to you for giving me access to this course


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Meet the instructor

Hello, my name is Mair Swartz.
I have been developing professionally for about 25 years and I still love it.
I started out as electronics repair and bench tester while putting myself through college. I became fascinated by the PIC microcontroller that we were using and put myself through a course to learn PICS.
Soon after that I landed a job writing C code for a point-of-sale system using the Motorola chips.
After that I went into higher level languages like C# and JavaScript and worked for corporations doing web and document management technologies such as SharePoint. I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to train Microsoft users all over the Middle East where I got a lot of experience training. Even though I was doing well and did some interesting IT projects, I missed the embedded world.
When the ESP32 came out I had the same fascination I did with the PIC’s. I was lucky enough to land a job where I can architect solutions using microcontrollers, backends, web front-ends, database etc. I live in Melbourne Australia with my 3 kids and lovely wife.

My style of lecturing is how I like to receive lectures: fast and to the point. I like explaining solutions from the ground up. If an error happens, I don’t hide it or make excuses for it. If I ran into trouble, chances are some of my students will as well. I explain the error and show how to fix it.
This style of training is not for everyone, but a lot of my students love it, and they get all the data they need in a concise and efficient manner.

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Course Curriculum

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